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Summer Storage Tips: What Should Go In and What Should Come Out?

Summer is upon us in full force. Break out the flip flops, the umbrellas and that margarita machine – because the sun is out! Before you head out to the pool to enjoy that beautiful weather, let’s take a look at what you have at home and in your self-storage unit, and make some, probably much needed, changes.

Here are some ideas for what moves IN and what moves OUT of your self-storage unit this summer.

IN TO STORAGE: Holiday Decorations.

And not just Christmas decorations – you won’t need the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day or St. Patty’s Day decorations for quite a while.

OUT OF STORAGE: Summer Fun Gear

Heading out to the lake or the desert? Take advantage of the great weather and sleep under the stars! If your tents, umbrellas, water toys and sleeping bags have been tucked away all winter, it’s time to grab them and take them to the great outdoors.

IN TO STORAGE: Winter Wardrobe

The jackets and sweaters can be put away! Shorts and tank top season is upon us, so move your sweaters, coats, hats and gloves into your self-storage unit in order to make room for your hot weather wardrobe in your closet.


As you move things in and out of your self-storage unit, do a lap around and take note of what you have in there. Are there things you haven’t touched in years that you probably won’t ever use again? What about those decorations from that baby shower you gave that you won’t ever need again? Move things out so when you need the space you can move things in with ease.

Friendly Reminder: There are many things you should never keep in your self-storage unit – pool chemicals, weed killers, gasoline for your lawnmower, and propane for your grill are just a few of the items you should never put into storage.

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